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September 24 2011

December 24 2010

I will give you over 1200 business images plus bonus for $5

Do you have a great big sales page full of text and no graphic that is looking dull? I mean, let's face it, text is good but when you can use graphics to help tell the story, you keep more attention to your page...

December 22 2010

The Best Selection Of Free Christmas eCards

Few days left before Christmas, have you send wishes to your love ones, friends, relative or family members yet? If no, how about sending them a special eCard and surprise them? Make them laugh, tears with joy, miss you, love you and feel warm by just sending a simple egreeting. If you’re lazy...

December 20 2010

Secure Your WordPress Blog With Firewall

If you have read my previous post about securing the WordPress blog and have done those steps (I hope you did) mentioned, than you might also want to add firewall as an extra layer of defend to further secure your blog. We can’t stop hackers from finding vulnerability, but we can create more barriers to make their hacking more difficult. There is no 100%...

December 18 2010

Make Floating Social Bookmark Buttons Without Using Plugin

You may came across some blogs or sites with cool floating social buttons on the left or right of the screen, these buttons are normally fixed on the position and they don’t move when visitor’s scroll the page. Is very easy to create this kind of buttons and it generally creates some attention to your visitors. Normally people create them to get more followers for social sites, feedbacks or advertisements. You can see a live example on the left bottom of this blog, a floating twitter bird button waiting to be clicked.

December 16 2010

Handy Facebook Questions And Answers You Always Want To Know

Facebook is now the world most active social networking site with over 500 millions users. In order to keep users from using it, many new changes and features are added from time to time. The site is huge and with its complex menus, features and privacy options, its hard to locate the page you need to view or edit. So basically this facebook questions and answers article is to help you easy locate some useful links and features to make your life easier on facebook.

December 15 2010

Best WordPress Social Bookmark Plugins

Is important to let readers share with others about your interesting articles, this help to promote your blog and increase the traffic. So you need some good social bookmarking tools to help you, readers do not bother to click and share if it’s too complex and troublesome to use. Best is to use those buttons that are eye catching and popular, 

December 12 2010

Solutions To Fix Google Chrome Webpage Is Not Available Error

This webpage is not available. The webpage at somedomain.com might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. +More information about this error… Sounds familiar to you?...

December 11 2010

Blogger Blog Useful Tips

Blogger is a good free blogging platform to use and it has improved alot on its interface, layouts and themes. But in order to make this blogging platform more efficient, you can tweak the code, add in useful widgets and install 3rd party system. Below are some nice tips I would like to share with you...

December 08 2010

Fun Christmas WordPress Decoration To Spice up You Blog

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Twitter Mentions Notifier - Never Miss A Reply Again

Unless you're checking your Twitter account every hour, or else is not possible to know someone had replied your tweet. By the time you noticed the replies, it's already few hours or few days old. Twitter has new follower and direct message email notice, but no mentions email notice service...

December 06 2010

Free Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter profile with customized background will always stand out among those with default cloud background. It will also give visitors a better impression of your brand and a clearer picture of what your business is all about...

December 05 2010

Namecheap Coupons December 2010

Namecheap would like to celebrate this festival season with you by giving away discount coupons. Namecheap is a reputable domain hosting company and they are in this business since 2001,  they have also affordable web hosting service now. Below are the discount coupons...

December 04 2010

Easy Create Favicon.ico

Visitors will remember your website better with favicon,  because this favicon will appear on the visitor’s browser tabs, address bar and bookmark. A person browser bookmark usually has over few hundreds of website links, chances are they may forget your website ...

December 03 2010

Air Wick Gel Kill Bed Bugs

I was so astonishing when I saw the pictures of this Air Wick air freshener gel attracts bed bugs and killed them. This air fresheners gel contain scented gel which ...
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How To Get Free Domain

Need a new domain for your blog or wanted to start another blog but don't feel like paying a year subscription for it? Than get a free domain name, there are still a few reliable free domain hosts around. But is hard to find free top domain like...

November 30 2010

Outsource Your Jobs On Fiverr

Do you have too many jobs on hand or need someone to do some jobs for you with just $5? Or if you’re a handy man/women who can offer a lot services and want to earn some extra money online...

Soohow.com Bloggers Editors' Picks of The Day

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November 29 2010

Use Pearltrees To Increase Blog Traffic

Article by at 2010-11-29 14:22:43
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